About Helplifes

Helplifes was born in the food biotechnology center of Jiangnan University, which ranks No,1 in food industry worldwide, and is committed to improving the quality of life through beneficial microorganisms.


The probiotics of Helplifes are widely used in food and beverage, dietary supplements, agriculture and healthcare. Helplifes has more than 30,000 functional probiotic strains, more than 200 probiotics formulas, more than 100 patents and clinical strains, more than 50 starter cultures, and more than 30 sets of functional models. We have HelpGut® scientific probiotics formulas and ProLipo® postbiotics, involving intestinal health, inhibit H.Pylori, regulating immunity, women’s health, oral health, skincare, dietary metabolism, mental regulation, weight management, Bio-preservation strains, lysates and Next-generation probiotics. Meanwhile, we offer customized probiotics formulation and starter cultures, and provide services such as efficacy evaluation, quality audit, clinical CRO and Health Food Registration service, ensure that your products are of the best quality!

Our focus is to ensure our partner make their vision a reality by using our extensive knowledge of the industry. Moving through development, to looking at new trending technologies and techniques to provide the very best, we are here to work with you from initial concept through to successful product. Our probiotics have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world,highly recognized by global partner.