Bifidobacterium breve CCFM1025

Bifidobacterium breve CCFM1025 Psychobiotics probiotics


Daily dosage in clinical study

10 billion CFU for 4 weeks

Human clinical trial

Bifidobacterium breve CCFM1025 Attenuates Major Depression Disorder via Regulating Gut Microbiome and Tryptophan Metabolism: A Randomized Clinical Trial, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (2021)

Arthur: Tian, P., Chen, Y., Zhu, H., Wang, L., Qian, X., Zou, R., Zhao, J., Zhang, H., Qian, L., Wang, Q., Wang, G., Chen, W.

Chinese Clinical Trial Registry (NO. ChiCTR2100046321),Evaluation of depression and somatization symptoms by Hamilton‘s Depression Scale (HAMDS), Montgomery Depression Scale (MADRS), Concise Mental scale(BPRS)and Gastrointestinal symptom Scale(GSRS)

Flow chart of study procedures


Manage Major Depression Disorder • Regulate Gut Microbiome and Tryptophan Metabolism •Regulate Hosts’ Serotonergic System

Why CCFM1025

  • During the past year, the spreading of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic seems to worsen global mental wellbeing situations (Organization, 2020)
  • The widespread anxiety, social isolation, financial stress, and traumatic memories dramatically increased people’s susceptibility to MDD (Rogers et al., 2020). 
  • The use of traditional psychotropic drugs, such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRIs) (El Mansari et al., 2005, Thase et al., 2001, Trivedi et al., 2006), is often reported to be ineffective, and it could post endocrine and gastrointestinal side effects.


Bifidobacterium breve CCFM1025 is ideal for capsules, tablets, and stick-packs.
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