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Probiotic for Dietary Supplements

We usually think of bacteria as disease causing, but probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that keep your gut healthy. Probiotics are present in the human digestive system and some foods and supplements. In short, probiotics are “good” bacteria. Some of the major benefits Probiotic supplements offer are the elimination of bad bacteria, restoration of microbiota balance within your body, making you feel better. They also keep you healthy by controlling inflammation and supporting immune function.
Our entire range of probiotic formulations come in different dosage formats suitable to your needs. Our manufacturing processes have been refined over time to deliver high quality, stable and safe formulations in suspension, capsules, powder in sticks or sachets, gummies, syrups, drops and effervescent/chewable tablets.

Probiotic for Animal Feed and Nutrition

Probiotics are widely used as animal nutrition. There have been rapid advancements in finding new probiotic applications for animal feed as well as packaged health products for pets. Probiotics are increasingly being used in commercial animal feed such as poultry and cattle to balance the gastrointestinal flora.
Helplifes offers specialized probiotic bacteria and formulations for animal healthcare catering to various segments – companion animals, poultry, cattle and aquaculture. Our probiotic products enhance immune function, digestive health (feed efficiency and growth) which is of prime importance in the animal industry. Supplementation with our probiotic formulations reduces the usage of antibiotics. Our probiotic supplement for Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Pigs are formulated to contain a diverse range of proven microbial strains to help ensure that your animal’s needs are met.

Probiotic Supplementation for Foods and Beverages

Our bacillus coagulans strains are highly stable spore-formers that survive extreme processing conditions and a range of temperatures without much loss in viability making them the ideal probiotics of choice as ingredients in foods and beverages.

Probiotics In Biointensive Agriculture

Probiotics have major applications in the agriculture sector as bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and plant growth promoters. Plant biostimulants are applied to improve crop production and enhance the nutritions in the agrifood products. Probiotics are often practiced in agriculture to increase productivity, reduce chemical inputs, and recover the natural equilibrium in the agro-ecosystem. Probiotics exhibit antagonistic activity to a range of plant pathogens and offer several advantages over chemical pesticides which include reduced environmental damage, less risk to human health and faster decomposition.

Probiotics for Live Biotherapeutisc(LBP)

Although first-generation probiotics have a long history, they are currently primarily used as food and dietary supplements. The second generation probiotics should have clear clinical indications, that is, we use them clinically as drugs.

Living biopharmaceuticals are drugs containing living microorganisms (e.g. bacteria) that can be used to prevent, manage, or treat human diseases and indications. But it’s not a vaccine, it’s not a filterable virus, and it’s not normally given by injection.

The results of the joint experiments from Helplifes showed that Akkermansia Muciniphila FSDLZ20M4 was able to alleviate obesity (body weight gain in mice was also slower than Bifidobacteria group when fed with normal diet; The repeated tests showed a consistent trend. No quantitative evaluation was conducted), enhancing intestinal barrier function and inducing acquired immune response.