Ongoing Research on Next Generation Probiotics

Eight strains of Akkermansia have been isolated and sequenced, covering three groups. Researches on glucose and lipid metabolism, obesity relief, immunity regulation, and enteritis are being carried out. More than 100 strains of Bacteroides have been isolated and sequenced with draft genomes, and research is underway to improve inflammation, relieve depression and autism.

Recruitment of volunteers with respiratory allergy (allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma)

The Food Biotechnology Center of Jiangnan University(Helplifes Technology Platform) and the People’s Hospital of Tinghu District of Yancheng City will cooperate to carry out the clinical trial of “Research on the Effect and Mechanism of Probiotics on Respiratory Allergy” from March 2022 to June 2022. It is now necessary to recruit 160 volunteers with respiratory allergies (allergic […]

Chinese Academy of Engineering “Microbes and Health” High-end Forum and “The 4th International Symposium on Probiotics, Intestinal Microbes and Human Health”

The “Microbiology and Health” High-end Forum of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the “4th International Symposium on Probiotics, Intestinal Microorganisms and Human Health” hosted by Jiangnan University(Helplifes Technology Platform) will be held in Wuxi on December 2-4, 2021! The purpose of this conference is to deeply explore the physiological functions of probiotics, the interaction […]

Probiotic Scientific Consensus Released

On May 23, the “14th International Symposium on Probiotics and Health”, hosted by the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, and jointly organized by the Probiotics Branch of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, Zhejiang Food Society, Zhejiang University, and Zhejiang University of Commerce and Industry opening in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. In order […]

University and Hospital jointly build a clinical evaluation base for probiotics

The JNU(Helplifes Technology Platform) -Yancheng Sixth People’s Hospital probiotics clinical intervention effect evaluation cooperation agreement was successfully signed in Yancheng Sixth People’s Hospital. In line with the basic principles of “sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, and common development”, and based on the significant effect of the clinical evaluation of probiotics on atopic dermatitis and irritable bowel […]