Probiotics portfolio

Helplifes is a pioneer in probiotics research, offers high quality, well researched, effective and safe probiotic strains. Based on the micro-reactive flow fermentation control system, micro-encapsulation embedding system and high-survival freeze-drying system, it has an annual production capacity of 300 tons of high-activity and high-stability probiotics powder.


Lactobacillus rhamnosus FSHMX12 functions based on the regulation of brown fat lipid metabolism and thermogenesis:

Health directions

Our HelpGutTM formulations have been proven effective in clinical research. For every indication, bacteria strains are selected on the basis of characteristics and functionalities. Most formulations are developed in collaboration with leading universities and academic hospitals all over the world.


Application area

– Human health
– Animal health
– Agricultural health
– Food and drinks
– Medical health